The illuminating devices created on a basis of light-emitting diodes of matrix are offered.
Quasi – monochromatic  uniform along the full length fluorescence increases distance of signal recognition by the driver.The absence of reflectors and color filter with special optical devices  is excluded occurrence of “phantom” effect (false impression about signal operation).

The absence in the design of gas-filled elements is increased stability of electro security and waterproof.

The design of the traffic lights allows to install its on existing traffic light columns.

Circuit design gives the opportunity to connect traffic lights on crossroads for complex operation.
The economy of energy as compared with incandescent lamp more than 5 time.

Three modifications of traffic lights  are produced:

TL-20 (diameter of light blocks-20 cm);

TL-15 (diameter of light blocks-15 cm);

TL- 8 (diameter of light blocks-8 cm).

TL – 8 is installed on walkway and has the sound device, which give to pedestrian sound signal:

  • Stop! Wait!
  • Attention! Crossing will soon open!
  • Attention! Crossing will soon close!
  • Crossing is open! May go!


Parameter  TL-20  TL-15  TL-8 
Power consumption,W 25 20 10
Number of LED in light block 620 350 150
Overall dimensions, mm 800x250x100 600x200x100 200x120x100
AC supply voltage 200…240V
Operating temperature minus 600C..+850C
Service life 15 year (more than 120 times as compared with other devices)

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