Modulators are intended for carrier frequency formation and  TV-signal frequency translation (image and sound) to necessary TV- channel frequency.

Modulators are used in TV-transmitters, cable TV systems, MMDS and other systems of TV-signal transmitting.

Carries out:

  • stabilization of sound and image carrier frequencies by the synthesizers based on the thermos-tatted frequency oscillator;
  • forming of signal with single side band by the SAW filter;
  • stabilization of output signal level;
  • indication of video signal absent;
  • indication of over modulation of audio signal;
  • high amplitude and frequency linearity of the section;
  • correction of amplitude non- linearity of power amplifier of the TV-transmitters;
  • balanced input for audio signal.


Image  Sound
Frequency range 20…6C106 Hz 20…14C103 Hz
Modulation type amplitude frequency
Nominal level of input signal 1V(at Rinp=75 Ohms) 0,75V(at Rinp=600 Ohms)
Input signal levels range 0,5…1,5 V 0,25…1,75 V
Signal/noise ratio 60 dB 60 dB
Amplitude frequency characteristics unevenness of  video signal ±0,2 dB

Output signal to channel intermodulation products ratio 60 dB
Non-linearity of carrier frequency:
       -in VHF range ± 50 Hz
       -in UHFrange ± 200 Hz
Power supply (220± 20) V
Operating temperature range 5…450С
HF signal output level at Rloading=50/75 Ohms 0,3…3 V

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