GSM gateway provides a direct connection of a corporate phone system with GSM network that cut down expensies charges on a mobile connection (usually in the companies) and gives the saving rate.

Two SIM cards of communication statements with as much as possible favorable tariff plan are installed in a GSM gateway. Wereupon the GSM gateway starts operate as mobile phone of GSM network connected to a stationary network. The network administrator includes in the list of telephone numbers of employees who should have access to the gateway. All stationary and mobile subscribers of such network can make out coming calls at the lower cost.
The GSM gateway has also PBX trunk.

For reception of GSM signal from the base station the external antenna is connected to a matching connector on the front panel of the gateway case.

It is possibly to connect 4 and more SIM cards on the customer’s request .



Supply voltage 220V
Current at pick up 30mA
Voltage at hang up 48V
Power consumption, no more than 50 W
Other parameters of GSM gateway correspond to the GSM standards.

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