The neon transformer “SPEKS” is intended for neon lamp switching ON/OFF. 

Transformers “SPEKS” (flowable), which haven’t any analog in the world, provide smooth filling glow in tubes (effect of glow flow). 

Due to new constructive solutions the device differs from traditional transformers with subminiature weight, high reliability and efficiency up to 65 % energy.

The transformer has the integrated protection at blowout and short circuit in secondary circuit, at false disconnecting under the influences of capacitive current. In case of fivefold repetition of blowout and short circuit modes the transformer is disconnected automatically.



Primary current 180…240 V
Value of input current at maximum load 0,45 A
Output voltage 1500…10 000V
Secondary current 30 mA
Operation temperature range minus 400C…+400C
Overall dimensions 100x49x36 mm
Weight 0,28 kg
Length of high-voltage terminal 800 mm

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