We are carrying out the fulfilled production cycle and separate production stages of electronic products on own manufacturing capacities:

1 Development of difficult electronic circuits for wires, wireless and other systems.
2 Development of software packages of different function
3 Development of antenna-rotating devices for various designation
4 Designing of the multilayered printed-circuit boards in P-CAD
5 Designing of products cases, constructions and moulds in Solid Works
6 Calculation and modeling of thermal modes of electronic equipment with application of Solid Works, LabView and other software
7 Documentation’s preparation for product in AutoCAD and Solid Works
8 Development and correction of techniques
9 Manufacturing of cases, constructions and moulds for products
10 Manufacturing of the multilayered printed-circuit boards and flexible loop
11 Automatic surface mounting of PCB
12 Wires bundling
13 Manufacturing of single-sided and two-sided microstrip boards on thin-film technology for microwaves devices with the ±5 micron alignment accuracy on policors and other special dielectrics
14 Manufacturing of microassemblages with resistors, inductive and capacitors according to technical requirements on a product
15 Manufacturing of devices on SAW (filters, delay lines, oscillators) with use of quartz, sapphire, lithium niobate, langasit and other substrates. The minimum size of an element is (1±0,2) micron
16 Ultrasonic and thermocompression welding of aluminum and gold wires with 15… 40 micron diameter
17 Manufacturing of thin-film resistors, inductive and ceramic capacitors of different values for micro assembly
18 Metal protecting coating (gilding, silver plating, copper plating, nickel plating, galvanizing, etc.) by vacuum deposition and galvanic method.
19 Laser technology of cutting and drilling of ceramic and metal materials
20 Micro assembly of boards and modules in microwave range
21 Electronics modules and blocks assembly, mounting and adjustment (digital and analogue)
22 Products’ test on thermal, vibration and electrical safety
23 Exact machining process