The controller by technological processes is indented for organization of remote switching ON/OFF,controlling and measuring up to 8 (with opportunity to increase up to 24), and regulation up to 8 (with opportunity to increase up to 16) parameters.

Provides the following types of adjustment:

  • manual (by inserted the necessary value);
  • automatic (the algorithm and value of limits of adjustable parameters are set ). The accuracy of adjustment depends on the given algorithm.


The main units of the controller are:
  • micro-controller (MC) with analog-digital converter based on pulse-duration modulation (ADC-PDM);
  • analog-digital converter based on pulse-code modulation (ADC);
  • nonvolatile RM;
  • interface of sequential standard ports RS-232 and RS-485;
  • interface of control and indication (ICI). Consists of the keyboard (16 keys) and liquid-crystal detector (LCD) with lighting control;
  • analog commutator (AC);
  • clock with RAM;
  • attenuator (Att);
  • analog filter and level converter (AFLC);
  • keys (photon-coupled and transistor).


Interface with central computer RS 232C or RS 485
– input control signals 0…5 V
– output  control signals (six digit ADC has 64 discrete values of voltage) 0…12 V
Power consumption:
 – in operation mode, no more than 1 W
 – in STAD BY mode 0,001 W
Measurement accuracy of input signals 0,02 V
Storage time of values of the adjustable parameters
-independently of power supply, not less than 10 years

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