The given system is intended for registration of telephone conversation.

The implementation of the given systems provides protection of unapproved access and enables to:

  • determine automatically call and number of subscriber;
  • carry out automatically registration of date, time and phone conversation duration.

Simultaneous recording of the incoming and oncoming messages up to 8 channels is carried out.
Listening of current conversation and archiving of speech information is carried out.
Has an opportunity to make recording of telephone conversations on a hard disk, to archive and delete earlier recorded conversations.

The main units of the system :

  • IBM PC with monitor;
  • IBM PC with monitor;
  • Digital input /output board;
  • Unit of analogue-digital processing (ADP);
  • Interface cables;
  • Software.

The given system is used in automatic telephone exchange, exchange, banks, air services, security systems, military services, telecommunication systems etc.


Number of telephone channels 8
Bussed interface ISA-16
Clock rate 10 kHz
Frequency range 300…3400 Hz
Dynamic range ,  not less than  65 dB
Infiltration factor between channels minus 70 dB
Input impedance 2,4 kOhm
Power supply of ADC unit 220 V

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