YeTRI helps all University of Armenia on organization of practical skills transfer to students of various specialties. Here are being held  the practical training more than 400 students from the: Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (RAU), Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (YSUAC),  Yerevan State University (YSU), State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA).

 Leading specialists of YeTRI including: 3 DcS, professors and 2 PhD are involved at educational process.

 At the YeTRI  training center being held the CISCO academy’s courses.

 On the basis of the contract between RAU and YeTRI from 16May 2008, the basic cathedra “Telecommunications” for students training on direction “Infocommunication technologies and communication system” was created according to Federal State Educational Standard of the Russian Federation.

Training program includes: bachelor course-4 years, MA course -2years, post-graduate course-3years.


According to the contract between YSUAC and YeTRI from 2008,  on the basis of YeTRI training center the cathedra of “Informatics, computing science and automated management systems” of YSUAC organizes the training courses by the following direction  230100 –Informatics and computing science  and  081300 – Automated management systems.

 Training program includes: bachelor course-4 years, MA course -2years, post-graduate course-3years.

The education is carried out full-time and distant.

Education at YeTRI training center allows you to become the professional and certificated specialist in the field of high tech.


  1. Certificateis given to all students who passing courses.
  2. Certificate professionalis given to student who has executed the project, according to the special task which has been given in the beginning of the training.

Leading specialists of Armenia and other countries are involved at educational process.