We are offering the street clock, which can be mounted on towers (tower clock), facades of buildings (facade clock), columns and constructions of information indicators (advertising street clock).
It is very important for public information.
The company logo of the customer can be used at external designing of advertising street clock. We can offers also autonomous street clock on a rotating advertising curbstone that is the important element for attracting of passerby attention to advertising production.
Clock consists of two devices – the electronic block and mechanism of clock with a dial and pointers.

We are offering two variants of devices’ arrangement:

  • the control unit, from which are carried out all installations and adjusting, are located in a room of operator or in one case with clock.
  • the control is carried out by the computer, in this case arrows of clock are automatically adjusted in conformity with indications a real-time on the block or computer – server, i.e. after  restart the clock automatically are adjusted for current time.

The clock can provides internal or external illumination.

Our company already has realized interesting projects of unique facade and tower clocks.

1.  Clock is mounted on the central tower of Yerevan municipality building Diameter of a dial is 6 meters.

2.  It is facade clock on the «Triumphantly House” building facade near to building of Artashat municipality.  Diameter of a dial is 2 meters.

3.   Clock is installed on the “Sherlock Holmes” restaurant building at a crossroads of Baghramyan and Proshyan streets in Yerevan. Time displaying of all clocks is hours, minutes. Operating temperature range is minus 40… +50°С.


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