Radio modems (RM) allows organizing communication between the computers and local networks (to create radio networks).

A high noise-stability and reliability of the transmitted information is ensured due to using of spread-spectrum communication systems and digital transfer of date with additional coding of information.

Modems have the opportunity of simultaneous phone communication.

It can be used as repeater with unlimited retransmission coefficient.

RM-s – separate device, joined  to any standard computer.

RM-s are intended for operation in a continuous (round-the-clock) mode of reception and transfer in field conditions, on stationary and mobile objects.

RM driver gives possibility to exploitation all known programs in NETWARE, WINDOWS 95, 98.

The follwing RM modifications are proposed:                               

Type  frequency  range
RM-300  237,5…262,5 MHz
RM-825-01  812,5…837,5 MHz
RM-825-02  800,0…850,0 MHz
RM-925-01  912,0…937,0 MHz
RM-925-02  900,0…950,0 MHz
RM-2500-01  2487,0…2512,0 MHz
RM-2500-02  2475,0…2525,0 MHz

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