The system of staff’s work-time registration is intended for the automatic registration of the staff’s work time and organization of checking of the visits  to enterprise.
The implementation of this system gives the opportunity to increase access control of enterprise and get the information about  visitors, and also about the current number of people in each department.

System composition:

  • special cards;
  • device  of cards read-out;
  • personal computer.

The special cards are given to employees of company. Clock number and registered a code of employee is indicated on card, corresponding to the department. For company visitors also have stipulated cards, with clock  number of departments, where he is visiting.The visitor gets the cards on the control post of company at enter to the territory and give in after visiting.

The device of cards  read-out is installed at the control post of company and each one should register oneself at coming and going.

The system has provided with lighting and sound alarm, signaling about erroneous actions of card users.
Read-out of cards connect with computer, which dislocate in office,  where to take stock of attendance.
If the LAN is presence in enterprises, then the computer can be connect with LAN and the guide can be informed  attending.


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