It is microprocessor software-programmable device with the display.The device consists of light-emitting elements blocks (LEEB), on which the advertising-information animations are indicated in GIF format .

Each LEEB is matrix [16×16] from two-colored LED of red and green colors.The third color is yellow, which is deduced by simultaneous switching on of red and green light-emitting diodes.
Board is made from 3 rows and 7 columns of LEEB.  Number of rows and columns of LEEB can be changed on the customer’s order.

Information input on board is carried out by:

  • PC, compatible with IBM PC through three-strand cables, which has RS232 standard port. The special package of program operates in WINDOWS;
  • built in computer with connection of monitor to board, floppy drive and keyboard.

The files with advertising – information messages are stored on non-volatile memory of the board in g*.gif format and is indicated on the board at it switching ON with cycling.

The current time which is corrected by PP is automatically indicated on the board, after each advertising-information message.
Software of the board allows to simulate operation of the board on the monitor and if necessary to enter changes without viewing on the board.


Supply voltage 190…250V
Power consumption of one LEEB 11W
Luminous intensity 0,9mcd
Diameter of LEE 10mm
Distance between elements centers by vertical and horizontal 15mm
Height of the rows at line realization 225mm
LEEB sizes 240x240mm

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