The LSCS is intended for maintenance of simplex loud-speaking communication between the removed from each other systems.

Communication between equipment LSCS is carried out in any combination by two-wire and four-wire lines or phone channels of automatic telephone exchange (ATE).

It is one of components of operatively-technological communication system and can be used everywhere, where there is a necessity of people communication, connected by a uniform technological chain: in the industrial enterprises, in administration building, station and entertaining complexes, offices and etc.

Two modifications of the loud-speaking equipment are produced:

  • LSCS-1, used at a single-channel two-side loud speaking communication

 LSCS-8 –equipment providing 8 channel loud speaking communication 


LSCS provides:

  • Transmission from built-in or external noise-resistant microphones with the indicating lamp for transmission mode turning on;
  • Transmission reception on the built- in loudspeaker of the device and/or an external active loudspeaker with the possibility of loudness level control. Information reception is made at the released button or talk-listen button;
  • Automatic transition on DC supply (accumulator) with the 12V voltage at switching-off of AC network;

 LSCS – 8 has conference communication mode between channels.


Operating band of receiving and transmitting amplifiers 300…3400 Hz
Output power of receiving amplifier 1 W
Power consumption from network no more than

one channel 3 W
8 channels 6 W


Supply voltage of AC source 220 V
Supply voltage from DC source 12 V
Output voltage of transmitting amplifier 1,1 V
Active resistance of connecting line no more than 600 Ohm
Operating mode round-the clock
Overall dimensions:

LSCS-1  150x148x70mm
LSCS-8  280x1165x80mm


Mass no more than:

LSCS-1 1 kg
LSCS-8 3 kg

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