Automated control system of technological processes (ACS TP) is intended for: automation of data collection about of complex defused   complexes of the process equipment and for management of manufacturing process, maintenance of an optimum operating mode of technological apparatuses and accounting of the intermediate data, formation and output of the accounting and archival documentation, diagnostic of the measuring equipment.

The flexible modular structure of  ACS TP  allows providing for each technological object an optimum level of automation, sufficient for effective and safety carrying out of manufacturing process.
We are offering development and adaptation of the software of  ACS TP  under orders of clients with reference to concrete object and equipment.
The implementation of the given system allows to:

  • automate manufacturing process;
  • provide a remote control and management;
  • improve conditions and increase safety of work.

On the central computer the opportunity of management by the manufacturing process from a computer and archiving of the data, the printing of reports and other processes are carried out.

The quantity of controller is determined by demands of the manufacturing process. The controller can operates as in composition of a complex under the control of the central computer, and is independent with an opportunity of manual input of parameters.
The software of the controller develops for a concrete manufacturing process.
Controller includes:

  • measuring unit which includes channels of temperature measurement with thermistor sensor such as NTC 10k (up to 24), channels of analogue signals (up to 8) measurement, channel of voltage and a current measurement (on one), electrically untied from the system;
  • control unit by which the control of four clock step motor (one channel), thyristor module (3 phases) and managing keys such as « dry contact » (up to 8) is carried out.
  • processing unit;
  • unit of indication and communication interface with computer.

The information transmission from controller to the computer and reception of control commands is carried out by using of standard RS232 or RS4222 interfaces.


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