The biometric system of staff’s registration is intended for automatic registration of the staff working time and organization of the visitation control at the enterprise, that is one of the most actual problems for management of the companies.

The offered biometric system identifies of employee by fingerprint (finger identification), unlike to traditional systems of the working time’s registration.

Scanning or registration process is carried out at the specified place. The identification time is no more than 5 seconds. The given type of “permit” is really unique:

  • Cannot be forgotten, pilfered, lost or passed to each other ;
  • Does not wearing.

The given system allows to:

  • receive the information about visitors, and also current number of people in each division;
  • prevent the non-authorized passage on the territory;
  • flexibly operate distribution of wages, premium bonus, penalty provision, that gives the opportunity to increase the discipline at the enterprise and therefore the saving rate.
  • competent  official persons accept the necessary information about attendance of employees at any time, and also about number and department attendance of visitors.

 System composition:

  • personal computer (PC);
  • fingerprint device (scanner of fingerprints);
  • software.


Software consists of the program of registration and the organization of  the control of visiting and the program of processing of the information with the further generation of the reports being the basis for accounts department at carrying out of calculations.



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