Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor 

 We are offering the thin-film high-speed hydrogen sensors, operated at low operating temperature


  • high sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen gas;
  • low operating temperature;
  • low power consumption;
  • fast response and recovery times;
  • continuous time of stabile operation at  up 0 to 98% humidity.

 Fields of application 

Automated systems for explosion prevention.

Control of space power generating system.

Safety systems for automobiles working by hydrogen fuels.

Fuel cells.

Explosibility monitoring of powerful electric accumulators and oscillators for leak coolant detection.

Monitoring systems of  flow processes and detectors of hydrogen leak.

Smoke’s multisensory detector.

Electron pumps.


Hydrogen definition range 50…40000ppm
Sensitivity at 1000ppm H2 103
Power consumption of heater 120mW
Heater voltage 3,5V
Supply voltage of sensor 1…5V
Resistance of the heater at 20оС  temperature 75Ohm
Response time at 100ppm H 1…2 s
Operating temperature 130оС


The given product is developed together with the Center of semiconductor devices and nanotechnologies of the Yerevan State University

Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor 

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