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All4R&D project and YeTRI

 All4R&D project and YeTRI

The aim of the All4R&D project is to accelerate research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia through enhancing strategic academia-industry alliances. The specific project objectives are:

  • To reinforce existing and to establish new university structures – Cooperative R&D Units together with industry; partners in the areas of knowledge creation and transfer, research and innovation, commercialization of R&D results;
  • To develop a methodology for collaboration and open innovation and establish web based platform focusing on knowledge transfer, innovation and networking potential;
  • To test and review the model of collaboration between universities and companies through pilot projects; and
  • To enhance career development and employability of students and alumni by offering new and innovative opportunities in research and education.

The following stakeholders are potential users of the project results:

  • Academic and research institutions
  • Industry partners (private companies, especially those who have strong research and innovation potential)
  • Students and alumni
  • Government agencies, ministries, public enterprises; business and professional associations
  • Investing agencies and third-party funds.


The excellence of this project will be provided by developing and application of a unique approach of establishing specific, wide-ranged, interactive, comprehensive connection between academia and industry, one being an inspiration and a confirmation to the other. Through synergetic partnership of 13 organizations, the academia-industry alliances will be built in holistic approach, which will provide vital human capital, with skills and competences, needed today. Our motivation was the understanding that when companies and universities work in tandem they can push the frontiers of knowledge, and become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth.

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We are offering aluminum profile of closed-loop type with transverse dimensions:

external 61,5x28mm
internal 55x20mm

Profile length on the customer’s order.



Profiles can be combined and created structures with cells by using external slit guides (fig.4).

One type of profile is shown on fig.1.

The given profile qualifies cases for electronic equipment with wide heat rejection that is necessary at creating of radio modules.

We are offering also billets of side frames for making cases on the customer’s order (fig.2 and fig.3).


Profiles can be combined and created structures with cells by using external slit guides (fig.4).




  • strength;
  • low density at providing of necessary reliability;
  • high maintainability of products of the given profile;
  • stability to external influences (temperature, humidity and etc.).


The laboratory measuring complex of antennas is intended for the automated measurement of small-size antennas parameters. It is recommended for equipping of educational laboratories of radio engineering high schools.

Complex includes:

  • The two-co-ordinate rotary system  (RS);
  • Radio measuring equipment;
  • Computer system of control and data processing

  Two-co-ordinate rotary system of antenna


Rotary angle range:
   – by azimuth ± 360º
   – by elevation 45º± 60º
Accuracy of reading rotary angle:
   – by azimuth 10 angle min
   – by elevation 10 angle min
Angular velocity of rotation:
   – by azimuth 0,5 rpm
   – by elevation 0,5 rpm
Rotation discreteness:
   – by azimuth 1angle min
   – by elevation 1angle min
Operation mode of azimuthal and elevation gears remote, programmable, manual
Maximum mass of mounting antenna 200 N
Rod motion of the antenna vertical conveyance 500 mm


Radio measuring equipment:

Composition and cost of radio measuring equipment is defined on the customer’s request by sensitivity and operating frequency range of equipment.


The mobile upgradable module is a shelter on the basis of the truck chassis with the cross-country capacity КАМАЗ-43118, equipped with the special equipment.

The module is intended for operation in field conditions, where it is possible quickly tocreate:  

  • mobile communication unit;
  • mobile medical complex;
  • mobile control unit;
  • mobile station of maintenance.



Shelter structure have been created on the basis of container ISO 20’ with sandwich sheeting (metal- polyurethane foam-metal), which provides thermo noise isolation.

The equipment and inner layout is carried out on the customer’s request.