Oscillators are used in radio devices with frequency tuning.
Have smooth frequency tuning  in a range.
The structure is sealed.

Six types of oscillators are produced: 


  • VCO-70; VCO-100; VCO-500;

VCO-S-100; VCO-S-200; VCO-S-400



Frequency range:

VCO-70 65…75 MHz
VCO-100 88…108 MHz
VCO-500 430…520 MHz
VCO-S-100 30…110 MHz
VCO-S-200 30…110 MHz
VCO-S-400 220…400 MHz

The  VCO-S models contains internal synthesizer, by which the frequency with a step up to 5 kHz is set.
For synthesizer operation the external reference oscillator with frequency 1…20 MHz is  used.

Output signal level 200 mV
Harmonics suppression 20 dB





DC Supply  voltage

Current consumption, no more than

Output number


Weight, no more than

11…13 V

17 mA


30x20x8 mm

25 g

11…13 V; 5 V

40 mA


40x30x7 mm

30 g


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